sectoral balances

Sectoral Balances

A framework for macroeconomic analysis of national economies developed by British economist Wynne Godley, used by Modern Money economists, Post-Keynesians, Institutionalists, and others. The balances represent how the result of the flow of funds between the private sector, government sector and foreign sector.

Debt, Deficits or Unemployment

Identifying Real Threats to Growth
Nov 13, 2012

This seminar explores the intersection between the real and monetary (or nominal) economy. It addresses the relationship between money and economic growth, and explores popular misconceptions surrounding the “sustainability” of government deficits, national debt and trade deficits for developed and developing nations.


Governments Are Not Households

Implications of Monetary Sovereignty & Stock-Flow Consistent Accounting
Sep 25, 2012

This seminar will examine the legal and institutional structure of the current global monetary system, with a particular emphasis on the economic freedoms afforded to nations such as the U.S., U.K., Japan, Canada and Australia that use a non-convertible fiat currency with a floating exchange rate.

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