Rania Antonopoulos

Alternate Minister for Combatting Unemployment & MP (SYRIZA)
Greek Hellenic Parliament

Rania Antonopoulos, MP is the Alternate Minister for Combatting Unemployment (SYRIZA) in the Greek Hellenic Parliament. She is also a senior scholar and director of the Gender Equality and the Economy program at the Levy Institute. She specializes in gender and economics, international competition, and globalization and has served as an expert adviser and consultant for the United Nations Development Programme. Since 2006 she has been heading up a team of Levy Institute researchers studying the impact of public employment guarantee schemes on pro-poor development and gender equality in several countries. She is also helping the Institute of Labour of the National Federation of Trade Unions of Greece to implement an emergency Public Service Job creation program, funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research.