About Us

The Modern Money Network (MMN) aims to bring accurate and accessible knowledge of our monetary and financial systems to the broader public. MMN also seeks to sharpen and refine knowledge of money and finance by fostering an interdisciplinary community devoted to learning and scholarship.

In the past two years, MMN has hosted over twenty symposia: educational events, typically moderated panel discussions between scholars and/or practitioners. These are hosted by chapters at post-secondary educational institutions, and the videos are then posted online. Despite lacking any resources for publicity, our videos have been viewed over 122,000 times, suggesting a genuine thirst amongst the public for deeper understanding of money and finance. We hope to meet this thirst by developing our online presence, coordinating more educational events, and growing the number of MMN chapters. Our long-term goal is to change the conventional wisdom such that the public at large understands that money and financial institutions are tools to mobilize resources in support of the common good.