MMN is currently headquartered at Columbia University, but has active student clusters at, the University of California-Berkeley, New York University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Ottawa, and the London School of Economics. In addition, it has established collaborative partnerships with like-minded student groups at the the London School of Economics, New York University and Sydney University. In October 2013, the Columbia Law chapter received recognition as an official student organization, the first chapter to do so since the network’s inception.

Affiliates, Partners and Allies

MMN has over sixty professional affiliates, ranging from academics and financial market practitioners to policymakers and politicians. Its network partners include the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s Young Scholars’ Initiative (INET-YSI), the Roosevelt Institute’s Young Campus Scholars, and the Columbia Workers’ Rights Student Coalition. MMN has also established working relationships with a diverse range of networks and institutions, including student organizations such as the Columbia Law Review and the American Constitution Society, research centers such as Demos, the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College, and the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California-Berkeley.